Yuyutsu R. D. Sharma, an eminent international poet from Nepal, grew up in the indian state of Radjasthan and got a Hindi as well as an occidental-Christian education. After having reached the Master’s degree in study of English language and literature at Radjasthan University several teaching assignments and publications of a multitude of collections of poems and translations followed. Temporarily he got notable scholarships like those from the Rockefeller Foundation or from the Ireland Literature Exchange, he lectured at international universities in cities like New York, Heidelberg and London. His appearance as a guest lecturer in Europe, North America, India and other places of the world show him as a peerless Nepali cosmopolitan whose point of view based on Himalayas’ region impresses deeply.(

Andreas Stimm, born in 1970, studied geology at Karlsruhe University, additionally he acquired a certificate of media design and busies himself with black and white analog photography for more than 25 years. His first bilingual book of pictures with panoramic photographies taken by a Hasselblad camera was published in 2005. This book got immediately the award “Auswahltitel deutscher Photobuchpreis 2005”. In 2006 the book of pictures with the title “” - its subtitle “a photographic poetic journey to the foot of Everest” - followed. And then in 2010 the latest:“Nepal-Trilogy, Annapurna, Everest, Helambu & Langtang” which was presented at Frankfurt, Paris, London and New York. (