How to download Nepal?

Download simply, reliably and fast Nepal!

Nepal ebook Everest, Annapurna & LangtangHow does the eBook download work?

1) Choose on the web page your eBook.

2) The site will pass you for safe payment to the PayPal site.

3) Pay here your Nepal-eBook.

4) You will receive a confirmation to your PayPal email address over the purchase.

5) After acceptance of your payment you receive a further email with the valid download link. Usually takes this only some minutes. Additionally, if you are paying with an eCheck, your payment will take 3-5 days to process. After the eCheck processing period you will receive the automatic email with the download instructions. If this should not be, please check the transaction at your PayPal account.

6) Click to these link, or copy it completely into the Browser head.

7) Download the eBook.

8) This download link will remain active until the specified time period from your first download elapses or until you have downloaded the file the allowed number of times, which ever comes first. This will allow you access to download any updates that might pop up during the specified time period.

9) Import the file into your digital book library of the appropriate terminals.


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